Gregg Johnson

Gregg’s running journey began back in the fall of 2007. After over ten years of weight training, powerlifting, two hernia surgeries and lower back issues, it was time for a change.

That’s when his wife suggested running. Kathleen is a runner and thought he may enjoy it as well. His then 215 lb frame was the furthest thing from running. After much encouragement from his wife, he tried it.

Lets just say the experiment did not go well. Well, at least not from his perspective. Gregg ran about two miles that day. It wasn’t easy, but he’s never looked back.

Now, almost nine years, 50 lbs less and many thousands of miles later, running is his passion.Gregg has completed ten marathons and has his sights set on a BQ in 2016. His first time pacing was in the Fall of 2015 and tells us that it was one of the most personally rewarding experiences that he has been part of. To share a small part of someone else’s success was intoxicating. Gregg looks forward to pacing for many years to come.