Franky Sulistio

Growing up in a non-athletic family, Franky was the only one, who strayed from his family DNA.  He actively played in competitive sports, such as badminton, table tennis, basketball and volleyball in grade school.  He started running casually as part of PE class and as a warm up to other sports. 

In 2007, he decided to try the Bayou City Classic 10K (Rodeo Run) and was able to run non-stop in the heat.   After the race, he began to race 1-2 times a year for races with a distance of 10K or less.  He never considered running any races longer than 10K.  In 2014, he decided to try his first half marathon at the 2014 Rhythm & Blues Half Marathon in Houston.  After the first half marathon, he began to develop a love of running half marathons, and to a lesser degree, the full marathons and ultra-trail runs.  His goal in every race is to finish better than the last.  In 2016, he decided to join the Beast Pacing to help others reach their goals or PRs.  He likes to chat, joke and call out runners when pacing, in order to distract them from the thought of quitting.   Running is a mind game, and anything to get the mind off the difficult task of running will make it easier for all runners.

He loves to organize social runs and outdoor cycling activities; but when he is not outdoors, you can find him teaching indoor cycling at local clubs.  He loves travelling with his family and is a foodie, who’s not afraid to try anything as long as it is cooked.  He loves to make running a new hobby to anyone and everyone, even strangers.