Erin Skrettingland


Erin always ran to stay fit for other sports growing up as a gymnast, field hockey player, and kick boxer. She has been a fitness instructor since 1997, and started running again after having her last baby in 2007 with some of her fellow instructors as a bucket list sort of thing. She found a lot of joy in training with friends and thought she would qualify for Boston on her first try, but wasn’t training as seriously as she should and missed it by 10 minutes. Needless to say, it wasn’t good enough, and lit a fire inside. Running became the stress reliever, the therapy, and the drive behind everything. She decided to qualify for Boston, then New York, and now is trying to break the barrier of the 3:00:00 marathon. She loves using marathons and racing as an excuse to travel. She is a busy mother of two very active boys, works as a Doctor of Physical Therapy where she helps everyone from athletes to elderly, and loves helping people attain their goals.
Marathon PR: 3:01:18