Don Nishioka

Don  took his first steps running in 2012 and has not stopped since. Running began as a way to live a healthier life and reduce hereditary health risks. Soon after starting running, a passion developed, which led to his first half-marathon later that year. After not going through with three registered marathons, Don completed his first full  marathon in 2017. With continual effort for self-improvement in his running, Don qualified for the Boston Marathon in under two years. His current goals are the Abbott Majors and running half or full marathons in all 50 states.

Don is passionate about assisting other runners, whether it is reaching a PR or taking their first steps. He sees pacing as a passion and a way to give back to something that has changed his life. Running is now a daily part of his life and there are no signs of stopping. Don looks forward to each race for the inspiration of talking to other passionate runners that become friends along his journey. When you meet Don, you will no doubt hear him say “be safe and I hope to see you out there.”