Deborah Saeger

Deborah started running by accident.  She was taking her dog for a walk and when the dog started to run so she started running with her.  Deborah continued to run casually. She decided that she wanted to actually compete so being an adventurous person ran her first race in a half marathon in Dublin, Ohio.  Since then Deb has run 7 full marathons and a lot of half marathons. Deborah has competed in Burlington, VT, Orland, FL, Panama City Beach, FL, Buffalo, NY, Erie, PA, Columbus, OH, Dublin, OH, Marysville, OH, New Philadelphia, OH and Carmel, IN. to just name a few.  She has paced a few short races and has found that part of a race to be every bit as enjoyable as being a competitor.

Deborah continues to run with her dog as a training partner.  She has also incorporated bicycling into her training regimen and has competed in a couple of duathalon’s as well.