Debbie Vitanza

Debbie has perseverance in her nature. Since she ran her first 10K raising funds for her children’s school library placing in her age group at age 35, she was told she has a ‘knack for running.’ That comment brought her to compete in a marathon in all 50 states ranking her the 3rd female to have done so under four hours. That drive and commitment is parallel for Debbie in many other areas of her life. As a teacher for gifted elementary and now 4th grade teacher in Japan for military students, she emanates this character through her teaching strategies. She even rides her bike to school and home daily to total a marathon distance. Craving to always learn and meet people, her goal is to give back and share what she has learned by going the distance to accomplish things she never felt possible. Debbie knows her pace as evident in her finishing times across the country and continents. As you journey the running course with her, she will keep you engaged in the joys and beauty that surrounds while you make new friends. Believe and achieve as you cross the finish line.