Danielle Rishovd

Danielle loves running and especially enjoys running races! Danielle didn’t always enjoy running.  In high school she only ran hurdles or short distances.  She joined the Army in 2003 and still didn’t enjoy running with all the running in basic training. It wasn’t until a friend in the Army talked her into running their 1st half marathon together the Lincoln half marathon in 2010 that she really started to enjoy running. It was something that helps you clear your mind and to push you to keep doing better every race. She never would have guessed that at the age of 35 she would have ran 2 full marathons and 17 half marathons.

From her very first half marathon she had always wondered how she could help other by becoming a pacer.  Now she is hoping to help people by pacing them to finish their half marathon with the time they were hoping for.