Danielle Nied

Danielle M. Nied is an administrator at a university in St. Louis, working in the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Danielle was born and raised on the east coast, mainly in New Jersey and Maryland. Danielle began running in 2012 after moving to the midwest from the east coast. Running was not something that Danielle ever thought she could do in her life. Because of her competitive spirit and deep drive to overcome any challenge, Danielle was determined to prove that she could in fact run. Danielle ran several 5Ks to start. Then 5Ks became the desire to run a Tough Mudder 11 miler, then to run a half marathon, and then to run a full marathon. Danielle remained inspired by her Pop-pop (grandfather) who immigrated from Canada and ran the New York City Marathon six years in a row in his 50s. Now in his 80s, Danielle ran her first marathon, New York City 2015, to honor his legacy. Danielle continues to run half marathons and marathons regularly, with the current goal of running the six World Major Marathons. This fall she will have completed three of the six races in the series. Danielle is the President of the St. Louis Frontrunners Club and enjoys running with her partner and their five year old daughter.