Daniela Aleman

Daniela is from Venezuela, moved to Oklahoma in 2000. Daniela used to run by herself but in 2006 she started running with a friend and it has been an amazing journey. At first, she thought runners were crazy. Why would anyone want to do that to their legs and body? Over time though she found out that she enjoyed running and became addicted to it. Running is her therapy; it really helps her to relieve stress and helps her with health because she loves to eat. In 2012, Daniela joined the Landrunners Club and felt more motivated by running with friends. That was when she started running more, training and then participating in races. Daniela coaches one of the Red Coyote pace group during the spring and fall seasons, which helps all runners train for a half or full marathon.  In addition, she is part of the Red Coyote Racing team.  Daniela is a very enthusiastic, responsible, nice person, honest and respectful.

Daniela has paced several half and full marathons.  She enjoys the challenge and helping others achieve their goals and keeping them motivated through the whole race.  The best feeling for her is to see her runners meet their goals at the end of the race. Pacing is very rewarding and that is why she continues to volunteer to pace even when it can be stressful.  Stay with Daniela and she will help you accomplish your goal.