Cristian Cortes

Cristian Cortes is a seasoned runner and has been racing marathons since
2006. His average finishing time for a marathon is Sub-2:55; with a PR
of 2:49 in Boston. A total natural, he qualified for Boston by accident
in his second Marathon. Full of energy, optimism and encouraging words,
Cristian is a pleasure to run, chat and laugh with.

Cristian is an Aerospace Engineer and therefor loves doing math! This is
a strength in running as it means he can come up with pace formulas

He has two boys, Mateo who is 6 and Tristan who is 16.
In 2015, he was able to assist his wife with a BQ, while shaving off 48
minutes from her marathon PR; in only ONE training cycle. If you have to
opportunity to run with Cristian, it will be a memorable one AND
possibly a PR