Courtney Kreft

Courtney started enjoying running in 2014 on her deployment in Honduras.  If asked she cannot tell you why she signed up for her first half marathon in 2016, but she did and it was terrible.  She finished and that was her main goal.  She then decided signing up for the Marine Corp Marathon was a great idea and she was right.  She finished better than expected, but realized that half marathons were more her style.

Courtney is very goal oriented and after she finished graduate school decided to set a running and traveling goal at the same time.  Courtney has run over 30 states and over 50 races and loves all the amazing people she meets across the country.  She has learned that there is nothing better after a tough day as a teaching then a good run to let it all go.

Courtney has three goals when she races and they are pretty easy: 1) Don’t Die!  2) Finish  3) Don’t finish last.  In her 20’s this would have been tough, but her 30’s have been much kinder to her running appreciation and stamina.