Christi Ballagh

Christi has been running since 2011. She ran 5k’s for several years before finding a love for distance running. Her first half marathon was in 2013, and she has finished 12 half marathons to date. Her first marathon was in 2015 and she just completed her 5th marathon on November 2, 2019. 

Christi loves a challenge and is always looking for a new PR. In fact, she qualified for Boston in 2017 but missed the cut off by only 2 minutes. She was determined to get her chance to run Boston, so she trained extra hard and qualified at the Ameris Bank Jacksonville marathon in 2018 with a 13 minute cushion and a 16 minute PR. She will be running the Boston Marathon in April, 2020.

Christi is very determined and dedicated to anything that she sets her sights on. She gives 100% effort to each run and each race. Her “Type A” personality won’t accept any less. 

Christi is married with 2 children, ages 14 and 17 and loves to fish in her spare time. She loves the outdoors and loves spending time with her family.