Chris McCallus

Chris is an athlete at heart. He enjoys doing adventure racing, CrossFit, road and trail running, or any event that involves endurance and suffering. Growing up he dabbled in pretty much every sport, but was primarily an avid wrestler. He served in the US Army Airborne Infantry as a Scout/Recon RTO while finishing his degree in history after getting out and working full time while raising four kids.  He has completed several obstacle course races, GORUCKS, ten marathon or greater length events and is always looking for the next challenge.  He has completed the 2018 and 2017 Marine Corps Marathon with Team RWB finally breaking the sub four barrier this year. He also guides a disabled Veteran every year for the Disney Races recently guiding for the Dopey Challenge. He believes that the greater the amount of suffering in an event the greater the reward. He enjoys being outdoors, hiking and biking, even though he hates living in sunny Florida. Even at the young age of 46, he has dreams of many more marathons and adventure races in his future and moving to the mountains.