Charles Thoenness

Although he played hockey and ultimate Frisbee throughout high school and college, Charles never ran “for fun” until 2012.  His coworker convinced him to sign up for his first ever bib-wearing, medal-receiving race, a daunting full marathon.  It was miserable.  The moment he crossed the finish line, Charles swore off marathons (and any movement in general).  But it was too late, the running bug had already infected him.  Since then, Charles has qualified for the Boston Marathon and has competed in several dozen road and trail races of various distances.  Charles is an active-duty member of the Air Force and enjoys running the new roads and trails at his various training and duty stations.  He has competed for the Air Force in running competitions. When he’s not running, Charles enjoys spending time with his wife, Kristen, their cats Calvin & Hobbes and sprinting with their greyhound, Suzie.