Cassidy Mennen

Cassidy’s running journey began in 2007 when she was persuaded by a group of girls training for a marathon relay to “just try it.” At the time, she was going through a difficult break up and found running to be a great stress reliever. It also gave her something to focus on and increased her self confidence watching the miles she put together increase. Running also gave her a sense of peace, being able to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. A year after her first run, she completed a half marathon, something she never dreamed possible. Running kept her sane during her years in dental school, allowing her to escape her grueling studies a few hours each week. Cassidy then joined the Air Force as a dental officer, and as pressures grew, so did her mileage. She wanted to do a marathon, but knew she couldn’t do it alone. She found a local running group who ensured she would have a running partner for her long runs every Saturday until the marathon. She completed her first marathon thanks to them in 2015. She later qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2016 and again in 2018, 11 months after giving birth to her first daughter. She wants to give back to the running community by pacing, as she owes completing her first marathon to her amazing running group!