Blanca Hayward

Blanca began running 19 years ago, she really never considered even running a short race. Life took a few turns in her early 30’s and she needed an outlet. She found herself at a h.s. track walking and walking, after a few weeks every other lap became a jog. Her children were still young and in various sports. While they practiced she would run laps around the park they practiced at. Her good friend saw her and told her she needed to sign up for a local 10k. After this her sister talked her into running her first marathon on Honolulu! This was 2002 since then she has run over 100 full marathons and at least 200 1/2 marathons and a variety of 10k’s and 5k’s with a few sprint triathlon’s. She loves running and loves pacing other runners. There’s no greater feeling then when a newbie crosses that finish line!