Avi Kelley

In April of 2014 Avi was 260 pounds.  He decided to make a change for the better and started jogging as a ‘cheap’ way to lose weight (little did he know how untrue “cheap” would be, LOL).  He downloaded Couch to 5K and did his first 5K in October 2014.  He got hooked on running and ran his first Half Marathon in March 2015.  He continued the drive to be a better runner and started training local running groups almost every single day.  By August of 2015 he had lost 100 pounds and reached his goal weight.  He finished his first Marathon (Marine Corps Marathon) in October of 2015.  He has run 60+ Half Marathons and 20 Marathons

During his MCM marathon training he was asked to pace his first half marathon. Avi is truly grateful that he was given a chance to give back to the running community, and derives a great deal of joy in encouraging fellow runners to reach their goals.  He has paced 30+ Half and Full Marathons.

Avi is also an Ambassador for Running Etc., the premier running store in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, VA. To be an Ambassador, one needs to stand out as a positive light in the local running community, and encourage those around as an inspiration. And most important, help others to reach their goals.

Avi also has a very active Instagram account, where he shares his life story beating Depression, overcoming obesity, setting goals, and sharing insights on being a father to his three daughters.  Follow him @akelley728