Angie Clark

Angie Gora

In 2006, Angie rekindled a friendship from her high school cc team.  Her friend suggested they start a 150 mile club, like they did in high school (running 50 miles a month for 3 months).  By the time Angie finished the program twice, her friend had only done 3 miles. However, where Angie lived, she had the support of other graduate students who joined the 150 mile club.  While Angie was in the midst of the 301-450 range, she met a cute guy who was totally into running and turns out into her.  He invited Angie to run her first marathon and instantly, she said, “yes.”  That marathon was their third date.  Fast forward to 2015, when they celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary and her first 50k.

For Angie, running has always been about relationships whether it’s teaching her new things about herself, celebrating the retirement of her h.s. cc coach, running in group costumes, or helping others cross the finish line.  She cherishes the networks she has developed as a result of her involvement in races and encourages others to build a network that serves their personal running goals.