Andrea McPherson

Andrea has a running addiction, its as simple as that! She ran cross country her senior year of high school but it wasn’t until her first half marathon in 2009 that she developed a passion for running.  After running seven half marathons (and one full) in seven different states, Andrea talked her running partner into running a half marathon in every state.  Unfortunately at that same time she had a labral tear in each hip, requiring two surgeries.  After being told she would never run again (twice!), Andrea made a full recovery and in 2018 completed her dream of running a half in every state, bringing her running tribe along for most race trips.  To date she has completed one full and over 75 half marathons.  Andrea started working with a trainer in 2014, who helped her see how important weight training is when preparing for a race.  Her first pacing experience was at the Las Vegas RnR and she really enjoys giving back, helping others reach their goals just as so many people have helped her reach hers.