Amanda Brunson

Amanda is a criminal defense attorney with the Sammis Law Firm based out of Tampa, Florida. She has been running since she was ten years old, inspired by her mother who always encouraged her to run.  Amanda has always been interested in fitness from running to yoga to martial arts to lifting weights in a gym.

Amanda did not become interested in racing until 2010 when she was inspired to race her first 5K in Jacksonville, Florida, after watching her mom complete the Marine Corps Half Marathon in Jacksonville.  Amanda’s racing continued, but mainly consisted of fun run 5Ks.  In March 2011, Amanda competed in her one and only NPC Bikini Competition, and afterwards wanted a new goal to prepare for. It was then that she had her mind set upon completing a half-marathon. Law school, injuries, and excuses prevented Amanda from ever getting serious about training or making it beyond a 6 mile run.

It was not until 2015 that Amanda decided she wanted to commit herself to training for her first half marathon, the same one she watched her mother complete five years prior.  Amanda completed her first half at the Marine Corps Half Marathon in October 2015.  From there, she fell in love with racing and instantly knew she would want to complete a full marathon one day. Of course, the first marathon had to be the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.

In preparation for marathon training, Amanda knew she would need to find a group to run with. In June 2016, she found an amazing group of friends to run with and joined a track group, On Track Running Academy (OTRA).  It was there she found a running coach and mentor, Maria Savchick Williams. She ultimately joined an amazing running group in the Tampa Bay area, L.O.U.D Runners of Tampa Bay. L.O.U.D stands for “Lifting Others Up Daily” and that is exactly what the running group does, aspires to inspire others in the running community and the community in general through charitable donations and community service. With the help of her running coach and friends to run long miles with each weekend, Amanda successfully completed marathon training and ran MCM in 2016.  Her next marathons are Chicago and New York in fall of 2017, and she hopes to one day go for the big BQ.

Amanda loves to motivate fellow runners, and help them to achieve their goals and potential by being a pacer. Marathon PR: 4:53:54; Half marathon PR: 1:57:53; 15K: 1:36:24; 10K: 54:52; 5K: 25:30.