Alys DiMercurio

Alys first took up running at age 10 when her 5th grade teacher dared that she wouldn’t have to begin schoolwork until after she finished jogging, so she took that challenge quite literally, jogging for nearly an hour before her teacher gave up and called her inside. She ran casually for many years, but it wasn’t until 2007 when she decided to try her first half marathon that Alys truly found her love of distance running.

In 2012-2015 Alys encountered serious struggles with mental health that she believes have made her stronger and enabled her to be of service to others and relate to their experiences. She now lives a life of gratitude and humor, considering running & fitness to be a huge part of her continued recovery and happiness.

Alys runs a variety of races throughout the year – from 5ks to her favorite distance, the half marathon – and has completed over 9 full marathons including Boston and New York. She lives in northern California with her husband Gary and is studying to become a Physician Assistant. Alys is First Aid certified, CPR certified, and a nationally registered EMT.