Aaron Roemer

Aaron is from Lincoln, IL. He’s an avid outdoorsman and car enthusiast. He comes from a long line of runners. Both his grandfather and father ran. He found his love of running while retreating from a swarm of hornets during the summer of ‘88.  He’s been married to his wife Emmary since 2001 and has three known children; he’s proud of two. He’s a cross country, track and soccer coach. He has successfully eaten an entire hamburger in a single sitting and mows his own yard, but has never used a snowblower. He’s an avid listener of K-pop and allergic to all things organic. He was an early applicant to the US Space Force and has a vast collection of Avengers soda cans. He is fluent in elvish, intolerant of lactose and appreciates a good mustache. He’s an unranked super middleweight boxer and is currently seeking an author for his autobiography. He has a love of chasms, including valleys, gorges, crevasses, canyons, fissures, and ravines, but never a gulch. He can often be found running the streets of Lincoln in the early morning hours training for the inevitable war against the machines. He looks forward to helping you achieve your goal.