Aaron Burros

Weighing in at more than three hundred and sixty five pounds, Aaron’s doctor told him he would need to lose 40 pounds or 40 pounds would lose him. Aaron began the process of running, however, the running process would not begin with Aaron right away. Aaron tried running but fail miserably. While gas prices in our nation was at an all-time high, Aaron’s truck broke down. Figuring he could save a few dollars on gas, he moved closer to his job and began walking to and from work two and a quarter miles a day both ways. Upon learning that Aaron was walking to work, a friend gave Aaron a bike to use in order to get back and forth to work. Bike riding aided in the process of Aaron losing weight which would eventually allow him to run. One day after attending church service, it was raining; and Aaron decided to go for a run. Aaron ran three and a half miles that day and has not looked back since. Friends suggested that Aaron run a marathon. However in training for one, Aaron quickly started running up to 30 miles. He realized that he was an ultra marathon runner. Aaron loves pacing other runners because he realizes that an ultra marathons you’re often alone and have no encouragement. Since Aaron began running, he has run a host of 5k’s and 10k’s, an 11k, a couple of hand full of his favorite runs the half marathon and a few faithful full Marathons. As much as Aaron loves trail running, he loves to pace Runners even more.